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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

We are now offering the Depilar System at Advanced Skin Care. The two step system is immediately applied post-wax by your Esthetician. Depending on the area of the body, application of the Depilar System only takes a few minutes, is PAINLESS, and leaves the skin smooth and supple between sessions. Removing hair becomes less painful and the number of hairs growing back is reduced with each session.

The proprietary formula accomplishes a biological process that breaks down the structure of hair-producing cells.

Anyone can use this great product! It is very gentle and efficient, is free of parabens, allergy tested, very well tolerated, and has no side effects! Can be used on all areas of the body, on all skin types, and all hair colors.

Call 717-671-1100 for pricing and any questions about this effective system or to schedule your next waxing session!